Get the accuracy you need with an artistic vision and highlight your points in a manner that will take the most complex scenario and break it down into something simple to understand it. Stimulate your audience with amazing visuals and a clear message. FMS has years of experience doing complex animation, pre-visualization, and product breakdowns. Give us a call and we can start visualizing your ideas today.


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Artistic Vision

Animation takes simple drawings and ideas and turns them into moving works of art. Turn your ideas into the 3D vision you imagined. FMS is a full fledged animation studio that provides a full range of services including:

  • Character Animation
  • Concept Art
  • Environment Art/Backgrounds
  • Green Screen Integration
  • Dynamic Simulations (Water, Fire, Etc.)

Special Effects

Whether you filmed an entire movie on green screen and want all digital sets or you simply need to add an explosion to a scene. We can do it at a quality and cost that is unmatched. The artists at Fluid Media Studios have years of experience doing post-production effects as well as per-production planning for effects.

Commonly Requested Effects

  • Digital Set Extension
  • Scene Relighting
  • Post Explosions/Fire Effects
  • CG Character Integration
  • Element Removal (Objects in scene you want removed from the film)


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