Video Commercials

Whether for broadcast or YouTube, stand out with unique and engaging ads.

Blue Storm Energy Drink

FMS worked closely with this client developing a storyboard then producing the animation. This included commissioning voice talent, and scoring the music. There were three versions created a 45 second, 30 second and 15 second. We also facilitated preparing videos for PAL TV stations in South Africa.

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Promotional Video/Trailer

Create interest by teasing people and making them want more.

Kelso's Quest

This animation was a teaser trailer/intro video for a phone video game. FMS was supplied the character models, and given the story outline. From there we created concept art for the environments and then build all the digital sets. Due to its length, the video was able to be cut up for multiple promotional uses, including as an introduction to the video game.

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Website Video Overview/Advertisement

Visually explain what it is you are offering, whether that be per product/service or overall.

Seibert Insurance

FMS created four web videos ads for Seibert Insurance all on green screen with live action actors. The preproduction including scripting and storyboarding all the shots. All the sets and vehicle where created digitally in post production.

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