Fluid Media Studios, LLC is a multimedia company whose primary focus is computer generated expression. The main areas of practice are Graphic Design, Computer Animation, Advertising and 3D Visualization. FMS founders, Chris and Brian, bring many year of experience in all these areas, having worked at advertising companies and animation studios. Together they decided to create a company that would not be limited in what type of media it could create but would offer all the services they had experienced. Today Fluid Media Studios offers some of the most advanced media solutions and employs some of the most talented artist.

FMS is a full fledged animation studio, offering feature film special effects, 3D animation, and product demos . That means anything you can visually imagine FMS can turn into visual reality. FMS is also well versed in the latest trends and market research concerning advertising demographics.

Meet The Founders

Brian McKenzie


Brian McKenzie has been in the computer graphics industry for over a decade, doing everything from feature film special effects to complex product visualization. He has produced hundreds of 3D animations for demonstrative, advertising, and litigation purposes. Throughout his career, he has experienced diversity of jobs including accident reconstruction, IT support, software programing, graphic design, and render farm development. Brian has brought all of his talent and know how to create a company that can versatilely meet any client’s needs.

Chris Sosa


Chris Sosa's passion for creating character animation started when he was introduced to 2D and 3D software packages in high school. His career in animation began immediately after college as an animator for Tri-dimensional Studios. He worked on the show, bringing life to toys that reenacted stories from the Bible. Since then, he has worked on various children's animated series, TV commercials, and short films. His love for bringing characters to life is not just a job, it's a passion.


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